Friday, July 29

A pleasant surprise

Starting off with my new healthy eating plan today and decided to brave those dreaded scales! I was expecting something around the 110kg mark so I was very surprised to see 103kg! Not as bad as I thought I would be, so a nice way to start!

Im on night shifts at the moment, so just a quick little post but I will try take some piccies of the meals soon. Todays menu was:
Breakfast- yogurt & fruit salad
Lunch- vegetable lasagne with fresh salad
Dinner- vegetarian quiche with fresh salad, pasta salad, cheese & a wholemeal dinner roll
Snack- apple

Tomorrows menu is:
Breakfast- just right cereal with skim milk, 1 piece multigrain toast with jam
Lunch- quiche & fresh salad, pasta salad & cheese
Dinner- spinach & ricotta canneloni with carrots, peas & broccoli
Snack- orange

No exercise the next 2 days as im working 12hr night shifts, but im gearing up to go to the gym on Sunday! Lets get back into it!!!!

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