Thursday, August 18

A development

Right. For all those followers out there who are vegetarian or vegan, I warn you now to leave the premises.

I have come to the decision to start introducing fish back into my diet. I have been thinking about this for a very very long time, at least 6 months. Its not a sudden decision or a decision made without the facts. I have been researching this very thoroughly and have come to the decision to which I think will benefit myself the best.

I have been consulting a dietician and my doctor in this decision and decided introducing fish into my diet again is the best choice for me. Now, this is just a public forum and I dont know half of you personally and therefore dont need to justify my decision however I will share some information I have gathered towards this decision.

1. I have a very very strong history of cardiac disease in my family. There is alot of research which I have hunted down myself and there is alot of proof showing that eating fish DOES reduce your risk. And since we are all about health here, thats a pretty big positive.

2. Im always sick. Depsite the massive variety of fresh & healthy food I eat I get sick alot. Again, I have researched this independently and there is strong evidence that a diet of fish is beneficial in preventing common colds & infections which im at a higher risk of, especially in my career of healthcare.

3. Im pre-diabetic. Once again, I have independently reviewed recent research which has very strong evidence showing a link between eating fish and preventing diabetes.

4. Variety. This is entirely an opinion with no real research behind it but I know in myself that variety is the spice of life. Having that 1 extra option of a fish based meal really opens the door to lots of new & exciting meals.

5. Protein. This one is very controversial. There is alot of evidence for & against whether human beings need a higher protein intake. Vegetable based proteins are incomplete proteins and meat based proteins are complete. When consuming a 100% plant based diet the body needs to find sources of proteins to complete the incomplete sources, so vegetarians never quite get a total protein hit. From my own personal studies in the composition of the body and nutrition, I feel it is important to have complete proteins. I have read alot of research on this and alot of it has actually been from vegetarian publications which support a small amount of fish in the diet to complement a vegetarian diet.

So there you have it, just a few reasons which aided in my decision. I will ask only for comments of a postive nature if you have any. Any nastiness will be deleted and you can go find something better to do with your time. I have never once been rude to meat-eaters and I expect the same from people in this decision which I have made for my own health, not for anyone elses. If you dont like it, then please leave. If your happy for me, please stay and I look forward to bringing you more blogging goodness on my mission to good health.

Friday, August 5

My week in pictures

I have had a fairly good week this week. Saturday & Sunday was spent catching up with family I havent seen in months, including seeing my cousins little daughter for the first time since she was born (she is 18 months now!!) I usually work most weekends, and so does my husband, so it was great to spend a weekend with loved ones.

On Monday hubby & I drove up to the Sunshine Coast hinterland to a little piece of heaven called Montville. We go to Montville quite alot- they have amazing accomadation in little treehouses which overlook the lake with big spa baths & wooden verandahs with the 'love seat' where you cuddle up and watch the lake with a cup of tea in a terry towelling robe and read the local paper or just stare into the beautiful view with the sound of nature around you. The actual town of Montville is a little hippie, crafty street full of cafe's and other pretty little shops. Its my dream to live there one day!!

First up is some pictures of this weeks meals from my delivered diet food plan.

 Spinach & ricotta canneloni with carrots, peas & broccoli.
This is just soooooooooo yummy!!!!!! My favourite meal!

Vegetarian lasagne with broccoli & carrots.
Also comes with beans but I dont like beans. This lasgane is so good, its so cheesy & yum you wouldnt know it was diet food!

Vegetarian quiche with salad, wholemeal breadroll & cheese, and pasta salad.
Such a big meal! The little quiches are really yum & the salad is so filling!

Vegetable frittata with cottage cheese.
This is actually a breakfast meal which I like to have on my days off. So good!

Next is some photos from my life this week which I felt like sharing.

My puppy dogs- Lucy (left) & Leon (lying down) on our bed. Poor Leon has to have his hips xrayed soon and possible hip replacment. Poor baby, he is only 9 months old! And he is getting his boy bits cut off in a few weeks :( the saddest part is losing all that beautiful long hair when they shave him!  

 My husband & I went to King Tutt's Putt Putt at the Gold Coast last week. Was awesome. I lost.

One of my kitties, Halo, on top of the front door. Sometimes I think she thinks her life isnt exciting enough so she creates danger for herself. Such a little daredevil!

Mmmmmm liqeuer!!!! These are from a shop in Montville which sell all these amazing flavoured liqeuers in every flavour you can think of! I got the dark chocolate, lemon & lime, and hazelnut. Yum!!!

I collect owls. I dont have many yet but I think I have about 6 or 7 so far. I saw this little guy in a shop at Montville and had to have him! Poor fella is just sitting by himself staring at his reflection wishing for a friend!

Ive been looking everywhere for a decent ceramic, reusable travel coffee mug and found this pretty one at Montville. Paper coffee cups are very bad for the environment so I recommend you all get one if you like your regular cafe coffee's like me. Most places I go to are happy to make your cuppa in these, they are the same size as a standard large takeaway coffee, plus the coffee shop saves $ on paper cups. Everyone wins!!!