Saturday, October 22


Weight watchers, week 1!
Had my first weigh-in on Thursday. 109.5kg. Geez!
With a goal weight of 72kg, thats 37.5kg to lose. Totally doable!!!
My daily points allowance is 39, and then we get an extra 49 points a week to use how we want, for example I could add 7 points onto my daily allowance each day if I wanted, or say I was going to a wedding, then I could use those 49 points on food & alcohol. The idea is to make you not feel guilty if you splurge! Obviously you will lose weight faster if you dont use them but the idea is that you still will lose weight even if you do have them all but its like a safety net so you dont give in! 

I really enjoyed my first meeting. It wasnt too crowded and my leader is really nice, she likes to get everyone involved in the meeting and everyone there is very inspirational. This week is mainly about focusing on tracking and planning. My leader wants us to write everything down for the first week and then she will review it for us, kind of like homework. I know from the last time I went to WW that this is a test. She wants EVERYTHING written down. And for those who have a perfect list with no blowouts and exercised everyday are usually not being honest with themselves. 

So far ive had 1 major slip-up, which I knew would be a battle for me and thats post night shift. I become a food monster! Luckily I was still within my points and I did have to eat into my weekly allowance but thats what its there for! Definitely something I need to work on! 

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