Thursday, October 27

Why??? Not safe for young eyes - contains sex language.

The why of weight loss is always interesting. What is the real meaning for wanting to lose weight and what motivates us? Why do we break these motivations and go off the tracks? Why is it sometimes the why of weight loss is so clear yet at other times such a blur?

One of the things for me I've been thinking about this week is the way I feel about myself. Mainly, when it comes to sex. Now, my husband loves my body. I cant go a day without him feeling something up. He wants it all the time and he is always telling me how sexy I am but I just don't see it. And i certainly don't feel it! In fact, the main reason I say no to sex is because I don't feel attractive or sexy in myself. And this is something I want to change desperately. I want to wear nice lingerie and look at myself and feel sexy and want to have sex. This is very important to me as I'm quite a sexual person and my weight has definitely affected that! And I feel as a 25yr old woman its my right to want to a have a good sex life with my husband! And that is definitely one of my biggest motivators. 



  1. oh my goodness Jess. I was just reading your post as I have liked your blog from the 12Wbt days and this is so me!!!!!
    I was thinking this same thing this morning. I hate hate hate my body and my husband is the same. Always complimenting me and would have sex any time of day with me. I keep telling him it is not me he is attracted to but just sex...this drives him nuts of course as he loves me unconditionally. I want to feel the same, I want to have sex any time of the day not when it is lights out and he can't see me. I want to be able to get in the shower with him again and not feel selfconscious!
    Glad that I am not the only one out there feeling like this. Hope we overcome this one day soon xx

  2. im sure we arent the only ones Wendi!