Tuesday, October 11

A new development

Talk about things developing quickly!
I was browsing through facebook and liked the weight watchers page yesterday and about 2 seconds later a girl I work with wrote on my wall asking if I was doing WW and within about 5 minutes and 30 comments later there is now myself and a girl I work with doing WW and 2 girls I used to work with and we have started our own little facebook group about losing weight and supporting each other. Crazy! So my friend Mel and I will be doing WW together (not at the same meetings though) and Jan & Steph are doing their own thing but its exciting!  We all represent a different stage in life aswell. Steph is the youngest at 21yrs old, then me (25yrs old), Mel is 31yrs old and Jan is 40yrs old. Jan is definitely the go to girl- she had lap banding surgery a few years ago and has lost 55kg and is now a triathlon queen! She just wants to lose a few more kg's and tone up her diet abit. Steph wants to lose a few kg's by xmas, Mel wants to lose about 15kg and im the saddest case with 40kg + to lose. 
We are all so motivated to get on with it though and im looking forward to how things turn out!  


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