Thursday, August 18

A development

Right. For all those followers out there who are vegetarian or vegan, I warn you now to leave the premises.

I have come to the decision to start introducing fish back into my diet. I have been thinking about this for a very very long time, at least 6 months. Its not a sudden decision or a decision made without the facts. I have been researching this very thoroughly and have come to the decision to which I think will benefit myself the best.

I have been consulting a dietician and my doctor in this decision and decided introducing fish into my diet again is the best choice for me. Now, this is just a public forum and I dont know half of you personally and therefore dont need to justify my decision however I will share some information I have gathered towards this decision.

1. I have a very very strong history of cardiac disease in my family. There is alot of research which I have hunted down myself and there is alot of proof showing that eating fish DOES reduce your risk. And since we are all about health here, thats a pretty big positive.

2. Im always sick. Depsite the massive variety of fresh & healthy food I eat I get sick alot. Again, I have researched this independently and there is strong evidence that a diet of fish is beneficial in preventing common colds & infections which im at a higher risk of, especially in my career of healthcare.

3. Im pre-diabetic. Once again, I have independently reviewed recent research which has very strong evidence showing a link between eating fish and preventing diabetes.

4. Variety. This is entirely an opinion with no real research behind it but I know in myself that variety is the spice of life. Having that 1 extra option of a fish based meal really opens the door to lots of new & exciting meals.

5. Protein. This one is very controversial. There is alot of evidence for & against whether human beings need a higher protein intake. Vegetable based proteins are incomplete proteins and meat based proteins are complete. When consuming a 100% plant based diet the body needs to find sources of proteins to complete the incomplete sources, so vegetarians never quite get a total protein hit. From my own personal studies in the composition of the body and nutrition, I feel it is important to have complete proteins. I have read alot of research on this and alot of it has actually been from vegetarian publications which support a small amount of fish in the diet to complement a vegetarian diet.

So there you have it, just a few reasons which aided in my decision. I will ask only for comments of a postive nature if you have any. Any nastiness will be deleted and you can go find something better to do with your time. I have never once been rude to meat-eaters and I expect the same from people in this decision which I have made for my own health, not for anyone elses. If you dont like it, then please leave. If your happy for me, please stay and I look forward to bringing you more blogging goodness on my mission to good health.

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  1. I LOVE fish. Ultimately it's your decision and if you've done the research, it's going to be an informed decision.

    Good luck! :)