Thursday, November 10

My week

Weigh-in this morning and pleased to announce a loss of 1.2kg! So that's a total of 2.7kg in 3 weeks. And I'm just stoked with that! Averages out at 900 grams a week which is nice & healthy.

Its been a fairly good week. I had 12 days of holidays with no plans I had lots of healthy recipes I wanted to try out. I really increased my intake of salads and vegetables and fruits this week which I'm sure has made a difference. 

I didn't do any exercise. I walked the dogs once and that was it. So its nice to know I was able to have a good loss just based on diet. And I wasn't even at work which is fairly physically demanding- I spent my days off reading, strolling through the shops at a casual pace and sitting around doing not much! 

I survived the family BBQ. Being mostly vegetarian I usually bring my own vegie sausages along to BBQ's anyway so the host doesn't freak out trying to cater for me! And my lovely auntie made me a special snack of a large flat mushroom filled with grilled vegetables! Yum! (and 0 points noice). I offered to make dessert which ended up being a platter of low fat custard tarts (3 points each) with fruit and a platter of full fat caramel tarts (points...????- i didn't have any of those obviously!) And I stuck to diet pepsi- no alcohol (plus I was driving anyway)

So plans for this week. I'm working night shift all weekend which sux, then have my exam on Tuesday so I'm sure there will be a little bit of stress about the place but I'm hoping I can resist over-eating as I usually do when I'm stressed! Ive already been to the gym tonight, then its 3 days of work so ill have enough to keep me occupied I hope!

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